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Why Chiltern Edge Should Not Close

Welcome to Hollies second blog post, unfortunately not one I ever thought she would be writing. She was keen to express her feelings on the school, her second home and I encouraged her to keep positive and to keep focused. In the next few weeks we are holding out hope that it will be turned into an Academy rather than the possible closure of a lovely rural school that has been around decades. I personally don’t want to go into to much detail here and take away Hollies view and what she feels is important to get across as a pupil, here she is.


I am currently a year 9 student at Chiltern Edge school which after an ofsted report this week has been put into special measures and threatened with closure…. these are MY thoughts.

Imagine growing so closely to something, knowing everything about that something, knowing its wrongs, it’s rights and becoming so emotionally attached that you couldn’t bare to think what you would do without it. NOW, imagine what it would be like for someone to walk up to you one day and say “we could be taking all that away from you and you might be left with nothing” imagine how heartbreaking that would be to be put in that situation, lets face it you would be devastated.

Well right now that’s what position we are in, a position of uncertainty not just for us as students but for all staff and people who are connected to the school and the wider community.

The best thing about this Chiltern Edge is that it is such a small school, which means everyone knows everyone, sometimes that can be challenging but for the majority of the time it can also mean that it’s a family environment, we look after each other and help each other everyday. Students who attend Chiltern Edge are all unique in their own ways, however don’t forget we are moody, unpredictable teenagers, we have bad days and sometimes we get a bit distracted but we all have one thing in common and that is friendship, we have support from staff in abundance and we are all learning to respect each other everyday. I just feel the bond we have in this school is so strong and no ofsted report or article can EVER break that.

I believe at times there have been teachers that haven’t been as flexible as they could’ve been but honestly from the bottom of my heart I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for certain teachers at this school. I’m a child who maybe pushes the boundaries to far sometimes or think I’m doing something for my own good then it turns out to be a disaster but the staff have supported me through all these times. These teachers are amazing and they stand out to me because they understand teenagers, they listen and they want to help. They also get kids understanding on a level that not all teachers can achieve. I can’t thank them enough for everything they do for me. To my teachers reading this, you inspire kids like me every day and hope you are proud to be part of our school.

The amount of memories I have made in school is ridiculous, like the time the dance department went round with the speaker promoting tickets for the dance show and the whole school was literally dancing they’re hearts out, or the time when we were all on the field at sports day and the teachers were literally sprinting for their life’s. Its moments like these that us kids remember for the rest of our life’s, and I would love to carry on making lots more over the next 2 years.

I’m so proud to be at Chiltern Edge, there are lots of things to improve on but lets go for it, lets make things better lets not take all the good stuff away, lets not break up friendships, bonds and the community. Lets come together and show everyone what we can achieve.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Chiltern Edge, its pupils and staff deserve a second chance to get this right. In my eyes we 90% there already, I wish I had all the answers but I’m 14 and I don’t have the power to fight the government cuts or the council alone. I just have the power to voice my opinion and hope people will listen to me as a pupil of a great school.



Mr Bloom Live

” Hello my name is Mr Bloom and id like to come and see you soon”, we all know that line don’t we, but this time for Oscar he really did come and see him at our local Theatre in Reading.

Mr Bloom played by Ben Faulkes was joined on stage with his veggie friends, Colin the Runner Bean, the Wee MacGregors (the radishes), Joan the Fennel, Raymond the Butternut Squash, Margaret the Cabbage, and Sebastian the Aubergine. With an interactive story line including singing and dancing it’s a hit for Mr Bloom fans all around the country. Munchkin Entertainment new producers of children’s shows have been running Mr Bloom Live since early February and ends at the end of April and you can still currently find him in these cities here.

Oscar was mesmerised by the singing and dancing, although he got a little fidgety during the other parts. The story line was based around the preparation for the royal visit of King Edward, the first half lasts around 3o minutes with a 20 minute interval and a 30 minute second half. There were a selection of Mr Bloom goodies to buy and Oscar chose a hat, for anyone who knows Oscar that won’t come as a surprise as he is a big hat fan.

It was a lovely afternoon out and I think Oscar is even more of a Mr Bloom fan now he’s got his very own hat. For more information on the show see here.



*Disclosure – We were given tickets to go and see Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own

The Caversham Rose

A newly refurbished bar has re opened it doors last week and it has all the thumbs up from me. I never knew the place before so I’ve pretty much walked into it as new place to go. First impressions of bar always count for me, I’ve seen a quite a few in my lifetime in all shapes and sizes and I have to admit I do like a bit of the wow factor when you walk in.

The Caversham Rose is firstly a impressive size and very pretty, I love how it’s been styled inside and out, the outside area is perfect for summer evenings and it even has heaters so you can stay out there all night long if you wished.

With its cool background music and well mannered staff greeting you as you walk through the door it immediately makes you feel at home. It’s not lost the local pub vibe, yet it’s striving for much more and it works. I went last week and its very clear everyone was enjoying themselves with groups of all ages enjoying the atmosphere and because of its size everyone looked at ease. Service as the bar was quick, although they had ran out of normal tonic water, I was offered a lemon tonic which was actually delicious with my Gin and I will be ordering that combination again.

We were seated in a beautiful private alcove, and I love a little tucked away corner so I was super impressed from the moment I sat down. The menu was right up my street with a great selection of dishes, I was quite spoilt for choice. What caught my eye instantly was that they had a sharing and nibbles option for when you’re a little peckish but just want a drink, I spotted the box-baked Camembert straight away, I can’t wait to go back and try that at some point. As I sat waiting for our food I saw the burger being brought out and at that point I had some serious food envy, had I made the right decisions?


For starters Sam and I ordered Scallops special with pea mint puree and chorizo, salt & Szechuan pepper squid with aioli. They came out beautifully presented and were delicious, the starter menu really had some great things on it and I’m pretty sure id try everything before I settled on my favourite.

For mains Sam had 9oz 28-day aged rib-eye steak with twice-cooked chunky chips, crispy onions and baby kale, the steak was cooked medium rare just how Sam likes it. With Sam working in Central London he has been spoilt with visiting some of the best steak houses there are and he assured me it tickled his taste buds with the best of them. I went for the King prawn, crab and chorizo linguine, this came in two portion sizes and I knew I wanted a pudding so I went for the small portion. I have to say when it came out it was the perfect size especially if you are having three courses, it tasted amazing and I was filling up fast. I have to admit here that I couldn’t resist ordering a side portion of sweet potato fries, which were the best I’ve ever tasted, bold statement I know but the Parmesan cheese finished them off beautifully. As it turned out my food envy of the burger was squished because I couldn’t have been happier with my choices.

The pudding menu was filled with a good selection of classics and something a little more extravagant called the Melting Golden Chocolate Bomb, now I’m not one to hold back on the puddings, so it was obvious from the word go what I was ordering. Sam went for the classic sticky toffee pudding; I think you can tell a lot about the place from a sticky toffee pudding! Now I don’t want to go into to much detail of the chocolate bomb because I don’t want to spoil the surprise but oh goodness it was out of this world. If you’re a chocolate lover order one for yourself, if you’re not quite into lots of gooey goodness then order one to share. Sam’s sticky toffee was just perfection and we ended the night with an espresso martini from the cocktail menu.

Overall it was delicious with a good strong menu, all the classics and something more if you’re looking for it. The staff were polite and I particularly loved the leather aprons. Having worked in customer facing roles for my whole entire working life having well turned out staff is a must. It’s beautifully decorated with open fires for the winter and a great selection of summer drinks to choose from. Toilets were super clean and very stylish, I loved the outdoor area and I noticed some well behaved dogs and children having a great time. I will definitely be returning and if you’re looking for a place to go over the Easter weekend the Caversham Rose should be top of your list.

Happy Easter


Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience 

We were lucky enough to be invited to a special pre view of Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience in London last weekend. It was the first time we had even considered taking Oscar to watch anything on the big screen and I have to say it went really well. There were cakes, balloon modelling and story telling in the foyer before the movie with a picture opportunity with Peppa and George. We even met the lovely Harley Bird the voice of Peppa ! 

Oscar is a big fan of Peppa which helped his concentration as it last for around an hour. There were 9 new featured stories in the film and inbetween those were lots of interactive well known childrens songs and actions to copy with Peppa, George and their friend Daisy. 

It really is the perfect first cinema experience to take your Peppa fans to over the Easter holidays. The new stories include watching Peppa and her friends take a trip to London and a family holiday to Australia. 

Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience starts on April 7 and runs until April 13. For any other information click here


Dear London 

Please don’t be worried ! Sometimes things happen we don’t have answers to, but for me your still the place of adventure, hussle and bussle of city life and a place I still love. 

I will never stop walking your busy streets, I will carry on taking my children to see your beauty and culture. My husband will work right there in your heart and I will walk side by side with tourists and dwellers for many years to come. 

I will never be scared into thinking your not safe, I will never be told it’s too dangerous, I will carry on believing in you even in your darkest hours, we will unite in keeping you alive. 

We will protect you, we will never let the evil drive us away. You will still remain my favourite city, where all my fondest memories are. 

Tonight rest easy, it’s been a tough day but tomorrow the sun will rise and you will too. We will never be beaten, we will always stand by your side. 

G x 

Meet Hollie – An Introduction

For a while now I’ve been thinking about letting Hollie do a monthly feature here on the blog, she’s a very opinionated young lady who has views on all sorts of things that are going off in the world. I also thought it might be interesting for people to read things from a teenagers view, its pretty cool at times. I might live to regret this but here we go everyone meet, Hollie…

Hi I’m Hollie I’m 14 years old and live with the crazy family you’ve probably all seen here on my mum’s blog…

I didn’t really approve of my mums blog when she first started writing it as I thought it was quite “cringe” however throughout the last few months I’ve seen her write, I’ve watched her share her thoughts and now its become a little part of her happiness. I admit it has grown on me and I really do enjoy her writing her blogs, for her to get to share her thoughts, ideas, days out or even her personal life.

I’d consider my mum more of my best friend, she helps me with a lot of situations I go through in my life… Whether that’s school related, friend related or even what outfit looks best. My mum is a very pragmatic person, she listens and understands she won’t talk back to you and she is fair. I’m an ambivalent character, just like all teenagers are, but she will love me and care for me no matter what I do. She’s still embarrassing though, because all mums are and that’s the law.


I currently attend a school in a fairly small area, I started off quite unbalanced but over time everything has seemed to slip into place now, I do have mishaps here and there but I always seem to learn from them as hard as that can be sometimes. Even though the school is small I feel it works best for me as I’ve honestly found my feet there and grown as a person. I have some great teachers who understand me and I enjoy school really.

I recently made a choice of my options at school and my timetable changed completely, it will also change again once I go into year 10 but I can honestly say the current change is amazing. I’ve now made my choices and I have chosen R.E (philosophy and ethics), Drama, Geography and Art as well as the core subjects. I really hope this stops me from being late but I can’t help it, I just love my bed and the voice of my mum in the mornings.

Love a good rave whether that’s at a festival with my family or in a field with my mates in the summer, music is my life, spotify is my best friend and extremely lucky to of seen so many of my favourite artists live and been to Glastonbury. Massive Vampire Diaries  fan and my life will never be the same now it has ended.

I’m looking forward to writing more blog posts about everything, but I hope for now that gave you a little look into who I am.

Hollie X

Not Just The 3 Of Us

The Killer Thats Being Missed..


Sepsis, a word I had only briefly heard of 4 weeks ago. My only knowledge of it was that it was something to do with blood poisoning but I had no idea what kind of devastation it can have on your body and that it can take away your loved ones quicker than I even want to think about.

Four weeks ago Hollie’s step mum was rushed into hospital, she is 26, she is a wife and a mummy to 2 beautiful children, she’s a daughter, a sister, a friend and we nearly lost her to this horrific killer. Rosie is the best step mum to Hollie, she young, caring, beautiful and she loves Hollie like her own and I’m so grateful we have many years left of sharing Hollies future. But it could have been a completely different story if the ambulance wasn’t called when it was and the paramedics hadn’t spotted the tell tale signs of Sepsis.

We are all guilty of thinking things like this won’t happen to us, but I’m here to tell you it can and you need to get clued up on the signs. It’s known that Sepsis affects the young and the old but it can get you at any age as Rosie has proved.

Sepsis is caused by the way the body responds to germs, such as bacteria, getting into your body. The infection may have started anywhere in a sufferer’s body, and may be only in one part of the body or it may be widespread. Sepsis can occur following chest or water infections, problems in the abdomen like burst ulcers, or simple skin injuries like cuts and bites.

The UK Sepsis Trust

I saw Rosie lying there in a coma, I saw Marc with the fear in his eyes he was going to lose his beautiful wife, I saw Rosie’s family speechless and their hearts aching and I saw my teenage daughter holding onto Rosie’s hand willing her her step mum to wake up and I will never ever forget for the rest of my life the word Sepsis and what it can do to a family.

Rosie will make a full recovery although the road ahead is long; the amount of love, support and belief she has behind her is just breathtaking. She fought Sepsis as hard as she could and she beat it, not everyone is that lucky and its why I’m asking you again to read up and to acknowledge this is something that is happening now and can happen to anyone. I want you to take a minute and read the Sepsis Trust website which you can find here, it could save a life of a loved one and that is worth 5 minutes of anyones time.






Dear Bear and Beany
Cuddle Fairy

Mother of Teenagers

In the Night Garden Live


In the night Garden is probably my saviour at bedtime, after Oscar gets out the bath we finally have a little quiet time with Upsy Daisy and Igglepiggle. It was also one of his first actions; he would get his index finger and draw a little circle on the palm of his other hand, he still does it to this day. Children’s programmes have such an impact on all our lives, for me I try to get some jobs done while the magic of the Makka Pakka is engaging Oscar and soon enough the characters become part of every day life and part of the family. I also find your favourites are something that you will remember well into adulthood, so why not make the magic come alive even more by taking them to see their favourite characters live.

In the Night Garden Live 2017 is on sale now! The world’s only live productions of the Cbeebies top-rated show will visit London, Birmingham and Manchester this summer, on tour from 25 May to 28 August.

Visit to book your tickets, and enter EARLY98F at the checkout to save up to £5* off your order! Ticket prices will rise according to demand, so book now for the best savings!


*Coupon will take £5 off orders over £60, or 5% off orders under £60. Ts & Cs apply, please visit for more info.

I can’t wait to take Oscar this summer, he’s at the right age now to really take it all in and enjoy the show, don’t miss out on the amazing offer above it ends on the 31st March.


The GCSE Journey Begins…..


Its that time in Hollies life that she gets to choose what it is she wants to do with the rest of her life, the make or break moments of GCSE’s the part of your teenage years that pretty much make you feel sick for 2 years. The grueling slog of course work and then a lovely exam to finish it off, although without a doubt it is one of the first biggest decisions you have to make and the pressure that still comes attached to it is still so huge and still so scary. It somehow makes me feel as uneasy as it did 20 something years ago when I was sat with a piece of paper wondering what the hell it all meant and where I was heading.

Hollie has been talking about her GCSE options since she first went into year 7, she’s always been very driven and she hates failure which sometimes makes her put a lot of pressure on herself. It doesn’t help that she can be a very temperamental student, she has extreme highs with the lows and needs a very flexible teacher with clear boundaries and above all humour. We’ve been very lucky with her teachers, in the fact that they have made a real effort to get to know Hollie, I think they know she’s capable of great things and they have never written her off even when her behaviour has been testing. Instead they have worked closely with me and formed a good home school relationship we are now seeing the benefits of as we approach these all important decisions.

We all know what Hollies good at (other that using her mouth) and that’s the arts, Drama, Art, Music and Dance and to be quite honest I’m pretty pleased she is after the amount of effort and money I put into those hobbies growing up. So for her she naturally swayed to taking some of those as part of her options. I also think taking something your good at helps take the pressure of the core GCSE’s that she will need help with like math’s, definitely not Hollies strongest subject. Obviously she could not take all of the above, so we whittled that down to her favourites and what she’s best at, she got it down to Drama and Art. Which as her parent I have to say she excels at both without having too much of a stress over them. The other factors that we discussed were which teachers she would have and whether she gets on with them, she has a wonderful relationship with her head of house who also teaches her Geography so that made that decision pretty easy, same goes for her last choice of RE who happens to be Hollies favourite teacher and the deputy head, she knows how to control Hollie and exactly how to get the best from her…. for me perfect choices for all the right reasons.

We started to chat about what she would maybe like to do as a career quite a while ago, she came out with a few career choices that quite frankly made me spit out my tea, this was the beginning of me giving her some guidance and pointing her in more of a Hollie direction. It always baffles me how you are supposed to know what you want to do with the rest of your life at 14, I mean personally I didn’t know what side of the bed to roll out of in the mornings never mind think 10 years ahead of myself, I will also add here I’m one of those people who still in my mid 30s has no bloody idea what I want to do. That’s why I think its important she gives herself balance in her options, as well as guidance, and by guidance I mean helping her decided where I think she will enjoy spending her adult life based on her personality, which is ridiculously outgoing and her people skills are something else. I’ve also taken into consideration her passions and her love for music, the fact she likes to be on the go and I’ve given her some direction, some job roles and some realistic ideas. Of course its up to her if she takes it, I feel it just my way of giving her some inspiration and to let her know I’m on her side.

I’ve always been a big believer that even if you fail you should try again, even if it’s trying something else, that it’s never too late to find a goal and to make yourself happy. I hate the thought of young people giving up just because they didn’t get what they were hoping for in their exams. They shouldn’t be settling for second best at 16 even 18, they should have drive to achieve their goals, to achieve great things and I think this comes with help from us adults. I’m not saying you should be making decisions for them or even telling them what to do, because that in my eyes is going down a whole new route of problems, but you do need to let them know whatever they choose you will be right there beside them, to support them and that it’s ok to be unsure of what you want to do with the rest of your life but most of all inspire them and to encourage them to go for it.

Hollie has now picked her options which she’s happy with and part of her new timetable starts today, hopefully she will no longer be late in the mornings now she’s actually doing lessons she loves, or, maybe I’m just falling for her chat as per normal. I’m happy that the teachers know how to get the best from her and that whatever happens she knows we are here for her no matter what the outcome, but I know Hollie, I know she will give it her best and that is all we ever ask. Go for it Hols, show the world what your made of and we are right there beside you. I know you will do great things.


Not Just The 3 Of Us

Finding Happiness

I wrote this post a few days ago and since then I’ve had a few “down in the dumps” days, but I’ve given myself a kick up the bum as always, had a read of my own thoughts and now I’m hoping it might find you when you need a little pick me up or a reminder that it’s really all ok.

Finding Happiness isn’t an easy feat, but I truly believe that the first step in becoming a happier person is to look in the mirror, accept what you see and love yourself even the imperfections. Those imperfections are there because nobody’s perfect and that’s what makes you, you. In my case a complete gypsy, who has the attention span of a nat and could do with losing a few pounds !!

I also believe that accepting your mistakes and why you’ve made them puts you on a road of self discovery. You can look back connect the dots and understand why your here living in this moment right now. It might not be a great moment, you might not be proud of it or it might be the best moment of your life but somehow you’ve found yourself here and whether you like it or not accepting that this is where you are right now is key to being able to move forward and do great things.

Personally I don’t regret anything in life, ok maybe all the tubs of Ice cream I ate in one go over the years but don’t judge me for those, I just see the mistakes Ive made as life lessons, things I reflect over when I’m feeling either a little to ahead of myself or a little down in the dumps. I like to remind myself how I got here , where I don’t want to go or where I want to be heading. I went through a period of my life where the word grateful didn’t really exist in my vocabulary unless it was for a babysitter on a Saturday night, I was also selfish, immature and unrealistic, actually I’m still unrealistic and that is most definitely one of my imperfections but I’m dealing with it ! I guess everyone can be selfish in some ways even if it’s hogging both sides of the bed, but grateful is something everyone can be if they want to be. It took me a long time to be truly grateful but once I found it, it really changed me.

Most people have a moment in life that’s life changing, a defining moment; it might happen at 22 or it might happen at 60 but it will happen, it could be finding your sole mate, leaving a job, losing a loved one or even taking a trip abroad but finding you who are first will help you find happiness in life. I’m not saying it’s this magical moment where all of a sudden you are a completely different person and life is some bed of roses, but what I am saying is that somehow you change your mindset and become a better person by accepting life is how you make it.

Positivity is also a big factor for your happiness, the more you create positive thoughts the more you manifest positive outcomes. Shit things will still happen, you will still get bad days but it’s how you deal with them that will make things seem better. It’s all about your frame of mind and outlook on life, the world isnt against you it’s you who is most probably against yourself. Give yourself a break, love what you see, accept that you will have great days as well as bad days but remember those bad days are never as bad as they seem the day after.

Your a wonderful human, happiness is out there for everyone it really is, you’ve just got to believe in yourself and more importantly love what you see in the mirror.