About Me


Anyone else find writing “about me” cringe, if you’ve made it onto this page I guess your here to know who the hell I am. Well I’m Gemma, a not quite all there 30 something mum, wife, gin drinking human.

We live in Caversham Berkshire, it’s alright, we get a festival on our doorstep once a year where 90,000 people descend on my dog walking field, but I love it for what it is and that’s home. Originally from good old Derby, but probably wouldn’t go back unless forced or divorced. 😉.

We are currently winging our way through raising a teenager, which means 50% of our time is taken up transferring her money or finding out where she is and the other 50% is taken up by the toddler who loves to cause sleep deprivation and constant Lego injuries. Oh and the dog, who loves to bark at literally anything, walls even.. weird, but I love them all!

Absolute lover of summer, festivals, music  anything that resembles a rave in a field! Love an adventure/ weekend away with my husband where we can sleep, chat and explore.

My one wish- world peace ❤️