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Installing the WordPress app was something I thought I’d never do again, not sure I was ever really cut out to be a blogger, not even sure what one was. Did I want it to be my job? Did I want to put the effort in? I’m still not sure to be honest but one thing I do know is I felt like I needed to chat.

Since the algorithm change on insta I feel I’ve chatted less and less. Social media was once the place to keep up with friends and family, even make new friends, but the reality for me has become far from that. I’ve withdrawn from posting on Facebook like I used to and insta just got me down, I didn’t want to talk on posts 3 days old, I like real time and that doesn’t happen as much as it did.

So I dug out my WordPress password and thought well maybe I should start writing and see what comes out! Turns out I’m just moaning but everyone needs a moan right!

One thing I always worry about when writing about life is opening myself up to judgement! Or, who cares what I have to say! Something I’ve lost over the last year is confidence in myself, in my capabilities and who I am! Being a mum is hard, I got lost down the rabbit hole of mumness, forgot who Gemma was. Easily done. I’m a ditz at the best of times never mind adding the baby brain and the teenager to the mix. Not even sure I can string a sentence together some days “thingy” is my favourite word.. my vocabulary has halved and I feel my only educational program I watch is Do You Know- which by the way is pretty fascinating. I’ve always wanted to know how the make mass fusilli pasta!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, it’s not about the numbers, or who reads it, maybe Life with the Peppers was more about me than I first thought. Maybe it was more about exercising my brain cells, voicing my opinion and getting the chance to get down and be creative about things I love. Something for me.

I already feel better, much like my attitude on going to the gym. The thought of it puts me off, I’m not sure what I’m doing when I’m there but afterwards I feel better.

Who knew you could put blogging and the gym in the same category? Well we will see where it goes.. maybe il get finger muscles.

G x

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Wife, Mama... Still pretending to be an adult


  1. Sandra says

    Great to have you, back. I was recently thinking I hadn’t seen anything from you. Keep blogging x


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