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Why Chiltern Edge Should Not Close

Welcome to Hollies second blog post, unfortunately not one I ever thought she would be writing. She was keen to express her feelings on the school, her second home and I encouraged her to keep positive and to keep focused. In the next few weeks we are holding out hope that it will be turned into an Academy rather than the possible closure of a lovely rural school that has been around decades. I personally don’t want to go into to much detail here and take away Hollies view and what she feels is important to get across as a pupil, here she is.


I am currently a year 9 student at Chiltern Edge school which after an ofsted report this week has been put into special measures and threatened with closure…. these are MY thoughts.

Imagine growing so closely to something, knowing everything about that something, knowing its wrongs, it’s rights and becoming so emotionally attached that you couldn’t bare to think what you would do without it. NOW, imagine what it would be like for someone to walk up to you one day and say “we could be taking all that away from you and you might be left with nothing” imagine how heartbreaking that would be to be put in that situation, lets face it you would be devastated.

Well right now that’s what position we are in, a position of uncertainty not just for us as students but for all staff and people who are connected to the school and the wider community.

The best thing about this Chiltern Edge is that it is such a small school, which means everyone knows everyone, sometimes that can be challenging but for the majority of the time it can also mean that it’s a family environment, we look after each other and help each other everyday. Students who attend Chiltern Edge are all unique in their own ways, however don’t forget we are moody, unpredictable teenagers, we have bad days and sometimes we get a bit distracted but we all have one thing in common and that is friendship, we have support from staff in abundance and we are all learning to respect each other everyday. I just feel the bond we have in this school is so strong and no ofsted report or article can EVER break that.

I believe at times there have been teachers that haven’t been as flexible as they could’ve been but honestly from the bottom of my heart I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for certain teachers at this school. I’m a child who maybe pushes the boundaries to far sometimes or think I’m doing something for my own good then it turns out to be a disaster but the staff have supported me through all these times. These teachers are amazing and they stand out to me because they understand teenagers, they listen and they want to help. They also get kids understanding on a level that not all teachers can achieve. I can’t thank them enough for everything they do for me. To my teachers reading this, you inspire kids like me every day and hope you are proud to be part of our school.

The amount of memories I have made in school is ridiculous, like the time the dance department went round with the speaker promoting tickets for the dance show and the whole school was literally dancing they’re hearts out, or the time when we were all on the field at sports day and the teachers were literally sprinting for their life’s. Its moments like these that us kids remember for the rest of our life’s, and I would love to carry on making lots more over the next 2 years.

I’m so proud to be at Chiltern Edge, there are lots of things to improve on but lets go for it, lets make things better lets not take all the good stuff away, lets not break up friendships, bonds and the community. Lets come together and show everyone what we can achieve.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Chiltern Edge, its pupils and staff deserve a second chance to get this right. In my eyes we 90% there already, I wish I had all the answers but I’m 14 and I don’t have the power to fight the government cuts or the council alone. I just have the power to voice my opinion and hope people will listen to me as a pupil of a great school.



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  1. Karen Tarrant says

    What a very touching and grown up response from a well rounded, balanced and mature student, my son also is in year 9 but only started 7 months ago at Chiltern Edge and has had tough times previously, he has settled in so well and since he started at CE has matured and settled in so happily and seems so content, I have enjoyed seeing the drama show, and a parents evening which is very well organised, he enjoyed a long walk back when he started and the teachers and head have been so supportive, I only have really good things to say.
    I too was a student many moons ago and ironically am going to an arranged 30th school reunion in May.
    I hope that this all gets sorted as it’s unsettling for students, parents, staff and community.

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