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The Caversham Rose

A newly refurbished bar has re opened it doors last week and it has all the thumbs up from me. I never knew the place before so I’ve pretty much walked into it as new place to go. First impressions of bar always count for me, I’ve seen a quite a few in my lifetime in all shapes and sizes and I have to admit I do like a bit of the wow factor when you walk in.

The Caversham Rose is firstly a impressive size and very pretty, I love how it’s been styled inside and out, the outside area is perfect for summer evenings and it even has heaters so you can stay out there all night long if you wished.

With its cool background music and well mannered staff greeting you as you walk through the door it immediately makes you feel at home. It’s not lost the local pub vibe, yet it’s striving for much more and it works. I went last week and its very clear everyone was enjoying themselves with groups of all ages enjoying the atmosphere and because of its size everyone looked at ease. Service as the bar was quick, although they had ran out of normal tonic water, I was offered a lemon tonic which was actually delicious with my Gin and I will be ordering that combination again.

We were seated in a beautiful private alcove, and I love a little tucked away corner so I was super impressed from the moment I sat down. The menu was right up my street with a great selection of dishes, I was quite spoilt for choice. What caught my eye instantly was that they had a sharing and nibbles option for when you’re a little peckish but just want a drink, I spotted the box-baked Camembert straight away, I can’t wait to go back and try that at some point. As I sat waiting for our food I saw the burger being brought out and at that point I had some serious food envy, had I made the right decisions?


For starters Sam and I ordered Scallops special with pea mint puree and chorizo, salt & Szechuan pepper squid with aioli. They came out beautifully presented and were delicious, the starter menu really had some great things on it and I’m pretty sure id try everything before I settled on my favourite.

For mains Sam had 9oz 28-day aged rib-eye steak with twice-cooked chunky chips, crispy onions and baby kale, the steak was cooked medium rare just how Sam likes it. With Sam working in Central London he has been spoilt with visiting some of the best steak houses there are and he assured me it tickled his taste buds with the best of them. I went for the King prawn, crab and chorizo linguine, this came in two portion sizes and I knew I wanted a pudding so I went for the small portion. I have to say when it came out it was the perfect size especially if you are having three courses, it tasted amazing and I was filling up fast. I have to admit here that I couldn’t resist ordering a side portion of sweet potato fries, which were the best I’ve ever tasted, bold statement I know but the Parmesan cheese finished them off beautifully. As it turned out my food envy of the burger was squished because I couldn’t have been happier with my choices.

The pudding menu was filled with a good selection of classics and something a little more extravagant called the Melting Golden Chocolate Bomb, now I’m not one to hold back on the puddings, so it was obvious from the word go what I was ordering. Sam went for the classic sticky toffee pudding; I think you can tell a lot about the place from a sticky toffee pudding! Now I don’t want to go into to much detail of the chocolate bomb because I don’t want to spoil the surprise but oh goodness it was out of this world. If you’re a chocolate lover order one for yourself, if you’re not quite into lots of gooey goodness then order one to share. Sam’s sticky toffee was just perfection and we ended the night with an espresso martini from the cocktail menu.

Overall it was delicious with a good strong menu, all the classics and something more if you’re looking for it. The staff were polite and I particularly loved the leather aprons. Having worked in customer facing roles for my whole entire working life having well turned out staff is a must. It’s beautifully decorated with open fires for the winter and a great selection of summer drinks to choose from. Toilets were super clean and very stylish, I loved the outdoor area and I noticed some well behaved dogs and children having a great time. I will definitely be returning and if you’re looking for a place to go over the Easter weekend the Caversham Rose should be top of your list.

Happy Easter


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  1. I was in the caverdham rose agsin yesterday, another delightful meal served by a delightful waitress. The same one that served us christmas day. What a credit to your restuarant shannon is. I found her polite and curtious on both occasions, although very busy christmas day , nothing was too much trouble. I hope ill be served by shannon next time i come to your redtuarant.


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