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Dear London 

Please don’t be worried ! Sometimes things happen we don’t have answers to, but for me your still the place of adventure, hussle and bussle of city life and a place I still love. 

I will never stop walking your busy streets, I will carry on taking my children to see your beauty and culture. My husband will work right there in your heart and I will walk side by side with tourists and dwellers for many years to come. 

I will never be scared into thinking your not safe, I will never be told it’s too dangerous, I will carry on believing in you even in your darkest hours, we will unite in keeping you alive. 

We will protect you, we will never let the evil drive us away. You will still remain my favourite city, where all my fondest memories are. 

Tonight rest easy, it’s been a tough day but tomorrow the sun will rise and you will too. We will never be beaten, we will always stand by your side. 

G x 

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Wife, Mama... Still pretending to be an adult

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