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Trying to find somewhere for us all to have a family day out can sometimes be an impossible task. Because of the age gaps between my children it means there’s very rarely a day out they can all enjoy together. So when I saw Kidzania in London I thought that it might suit them all. Kidzania is aimed at ages 4 – 14 but has plenty for Oscar to get involved with too.

Based in Westfield (White City) it’s really easy to get to, as soon as you walk in it’s all themed as an airport, which really gets the kids excited. The process of signing in was smooth and well explained; we all wore security bracelets these enabled us to see where the kids were within the village when we scanned them onto a computer in the village itself. The kids were issued with 50 kidZos in cash, this enables them to pay for activities or they can take part in activities and earn more. Once you have 75 kidZos you can open a bank account, meaning they get their very own Kid Zania debit card. Will particularly like this idea and got super excited to draw his cash out at one of the ATMs.

Hollie is super tall for her age, which means she looked more like a parent than a kid but she isn’t shy and just explained she was 14 and accompanied Will into some of the activities. She secretly loved it and gave her the opportunity to be a big kid; one of the things they did together was the Pokémon animation studio where they had ago at bringing their own Pokémon to life using stop motion animation. It was nice to see them working together and creating something they were proud of at the end when they watched it back. The TV studio was another one Hollie was able to take part in, I think if she wasn’t so tall she would of taken part in more but even still she had a great time with Will and Oscar.

There are over 60 activities so you really are spoilt for choice, but one of Wills firm favourites was no doubt the fireman experience. He wore an authentic outfit and rode on the fire truck around the village to put out a pretend fire in a hotel. They used real water firing out of water cannons, assisted by the police and the ambulance service of course all made up of children. I think that’s what stands out the most for me about Kidzania is the way it encourages independence. Children have to queue for the activities without the help of an adult so it means the adults can take a step back and let the kids have some freedom. It’s a totally interactive experience from start to finish even for Oscar as little as he is. Oscar was able to take part in some of the activities such as the science lab where he made bubbles, he loved the Kindergarten where there were all sorts of toys for him to explore but without a doubt his favorite was the disco where he could dance around to all the latest hits while trying out some DJ equipment.

You are limited to 4 hours in the village, and we managed to get around 8 activities, the dentist, the mechanics, the animation studio, bell ringing, the University, the air conditioning engineer, the TV studio and the fire department, so plenty left for us to visit next time. I would advise to take a packed lunch as this helps with getting as much in as possible, there are coffee shops within the village as well as an area especially designed for parents to sit and have some quiet.

It really was such a fun day out for us all, even Sam and myself had a great time watching the kids get stuck in. They do offer adult evenings so I’ve signed up to the newsletter to make sure we don’t miss out on that. Not only do they offer parties but also school trips and corporate events see here for more information and to book tickets.

There’s no doubt that this attraction has become a favorite to visit in the holidays, it really is built to empower kids, to challenge them and for them to have a small taste of the real world. It also promotes teamwork, life building skills and bags of fun, we sure did have lots of that as the photos show!

Thanks Kidzania for a great day out.


*We were kindly given tickets by Kidzania

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