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Half Term News…

This is a totally quickie, an apology of my absence while its half term. I’m writing this with one hand while feeding coco pops to Oscar in the other (mum multitasking if ever I’ve seen it). Over the last few days I thought it would be fun to buy a bunk bed and put it up with a teenager, an 8 year old and a toddler. Piece of advice – never ever be that stupid. It’s all up now and il be writing about Oscars room makeover soon.

We have a couple of busy days ahead with Kid Zania today and the Natural History Museum Thursday which will both have dedicated posts of their own at some point in the next week!

I was so excited about being on Huff Posts blogging network see my first post here. Hollie is also going to joining me on my blog once a month with a post from herself on her views of the world. Watch out for that she’s got lots to say that one.

I’m working hard on some content regarding how important the arts are to teenagers also how role play for children is so important for their imagination.

Hope your all having a wonderful half term with the kids. A quiet one if you have teenagers as I never see Hollie in Holidays unless she’s raiding the fridge or wants a lift. Although I have made her come to Kid Zania today, we shall see how that one goes.

Over and Out

Gem X

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