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Exploring Emotions

When do you start letting your toddler know that actually launching himself into some kind of pirate fist clenching stance because the other kid wants the ball he’s holding isn’t ok ? For a start how do you even begin to explain why he just did that ? Well my initial response was to say “Oh someones been watching too much Swashbuckle”. In reality I just wanted the ground to swallow me up, the other little boy ran off scared for his own life, poor little guy. It really made me think, do I need to be more firm with him? Should I be telling him off? I just don’t think that’s my style with Oscar. I’ve spent a lot of time writing about how parenting a teenager has changed me and I think this change is now apparent in how I’m going about things with Oscar.

At the moment he’s exploring emotions, hes understanding that if he takes something off someone or pushes them it creates a reaction or an emotion. I don’t think at 19 months he’s doing it to be nasty, he has no idea what that even means, he’s purely exploring the world in front of him, in that moment. Of course I tell him that’s not cool or okay, I always apologise to the child and see if their alright, maybe take them over to their parent and explain whats happened, Oscar always sees me say sorry. Lead by example right? I’m not going to stand there and shout at him in public, because surely he’s going to start thinking shouting is the way we do it and it isn’t, also its pretty embarrassing.

I think over the years my style of parenting has changed dramatically, I’ve got more patient, I shout less and I always try to remain cool in public, because of this I’m really seeing a difference in our family life. Oscar is a little monkey he’s a typical toddler but I don’t think I’ve seen one child at play group not take something off someone else, it’s what they do. They are exploring, I don’t think we need to feel embarrassed, I think we need to say its a totally natural behaviour but make sure we are correcting it in the right positive way. I am hoping though, I won’t see Oscar the pirate too regularly, he was pretty hardcore and just incase you’re wondering Swashbuckle has taken a break in our house.



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  1. mummyfever says

    Oh bless you I have had these moments too, we had a power ranger moment last week! Mostly the children turn on each other not anyone else but that can be hard to deal with too. Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

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