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Its Not All That Bad

My count to ten post had such a good response that I realised lots of parents are going though the same thing or even if they have children much smaller they really are dreading those teenage years. Theres so much negativity attached to those years that I wanted to share with you our best bits and to tell you not to worry, because it’s not all that bad. In fact its pretty fun.

The Laughs, the slang and phrases Hollie comes out with are hilarious. I nearly wet myself when she said one of her friends was having a “side ting”. All teenagers use some sort of foreign language that people over 30 just do not understand. She’s got banter, especially with Sam, I’m a bit slow and don’t get jokes which means while those two are sat laughing at something, I end up laughing at them. We can be silly, whether thats dancing around the dining room to some terrible music or glittering ourselfs up while we are at festivals. Life is better when you can laugh together and she most definitely creates those moments.



The Adventure, I’ve been to so many gigs with Hollie, as she is still under 16 she has to be accompanied by an adult, I use the word “adult” loosely here. Like the time we went to watch Geko, we took her mate, I took them in, Sam joined us later on and it was set to be a great night. I was sat at the back enjoying a few glasses of wine with all the other mums, except id had nothing to eat, so as you can imagine Hollies account of this night doesn’t shed me in my best light. I won’t go into the gory details but Hollie, Katie and Sam ended up accompanying me home. Parenting fail at its finest, and she will never let me live that one down.



The Extra Hand, now if she walks in from school and I’m rocking in a corner somewhere because its been one of those toddler days from hell you know the sort, poo on the rug, the dog eating said poo on the rug, the house is a bomb site and there’s no dinner going, she knows it’s all heading to the dogs and mums losing her shit. She will take Oscar, give him a bath him and get his PJs on while I find my dignity and pretend all is okay for when Sam walks in. Admittedly she knows the next night she can remind me of this and nick off with a couple of quid out my purse, but help is help no matter what the cost and I’m grateful she is there.


The way she keeps us Current, without Hollie I doubt I would know who Boy better know are or BBK as they are better known and dont even get me started on Snap chat. I would probably not own a Thrasher top and id not understand the world from the next generations eyes. Her views on Donald Trump, equality and social responsibility are passionate and she sees the world from a different angle. She sees it with hope that we can have a future where refugees are welcome, people can marry who they want no matter what gender you are and love is all that matters. This is a welcome sigh of relief to me in this world at the minute.

The Proudness , everyday we are proud of what she’s becoming, no matter how hard its been there’s always something she redeems herself with. Proud of her views on the world, proud that when she sees an old person struggling in the street she would go over and help. Proud that she’s doing her best at life even with all her crazy hormones going on in there. I’m also proud of the effort she puts into using all my towels, I once collected over 11 towels out of her room. How is that even possible? I didn’t even know I owned that many towels.

The Love, contrary to popular belief teenagers do love something, normally the mirror or in Hollies case her camera on her phone. But they are capable of loving their families even if they don’t show it trust me it’s there. Hollie loves her family and extended families, she loves her friends and she loves life and that love of life lights up ours.


Look forward to those years, just like the toddler stage it comes and it goes, except this stage is one of the last before they fly the nest forever. They will find what they love, embrace what you have been given, lead and inspire them, listen and learn from them but more importantly have fun with them. It’s not all that bad, I promise.

Gem x





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  1. savings4savvymums says

    I love this.! I don’t have teenage kids, mine are still tiny, but I’ve never read a post so balanced about it! Inwuite looking forward to it to be honest, as lien you said, I want to stay current and I’m JUST hanging in there….barely….#coolmumclub


  2. Oh my God I love the gig story – that’s the kind of thing I’d do ha ha! Hollie sounds like a total gem, lucky you to have such a lovely older daughter around to enjoy, and help with the littles. Sounds pretty perfect.
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub


  3. I love this, and after seeing your post in crowdsourcing re: teenage years and the things I’m worrying about this has put me to ease slightly! I just imagine them shutting themselves in their room not wanting to talk to me. I hope I’m the kind of mum they can open up to about anything like I can with mine.. here’s hoping! And here’s praying the next 12 years don’t fly by too quickly!


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