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Bucklebury Farm Park

Children’s Farms, smelly, muddy, noisy – all the reasons you should be visiting with your children. Venturing into the world of farming can be an exciting and educational place for little explorers. Opening up their eyes to a sensory paradise of textures, noises and smells even if they are a little whiffy. Observing wildlife in its natural habitat is about as exciting as it gets for me, I’m an animal lover there’s no hiding away from that, the cute piggys  and the naughty goats get me every time. I could spend hours wandering around a farm feeding the animals.

From a personal prospective I really want my children to know what we eat was once a living creature, that the milk they drink is from a real cow and I want them to understand that corn and crops grow in fields to make the cereal they eat at breakfast. Farms are not only an important part of british heritage but all over the world, encouraging them to understand what fruit grows in which country and even how it gets transported is really fascinating to me never mind the kids. I mean that banana in the kitchen was probably in Tenerife 4 days ago – lucky banana !!!

Bucklebury Farm Park

Now days most children’s farms are packed with fun things to do, not just the animals but play areas, picnic areas and tractor rides, we visited Bucklebury Farm Park in Berkshire and it did not disappoint. There was an abundance of activities to do even on a cold January morning. Pulling into the car park, we were greeted by a big green John Deer tractor with a waving farmer inside, that and the field full of Deer eating their breakfast had won Oscar over in seconds.

We made our way down a beautifully lit path to the Big barn which was the main entrance, it had a little gift shop selling the usual pens and pencils but with some lovely fruit and veg adding some of the sensory and educational elements I was talking about earlier. The barn also had an indoor play area with 2 big slides, at that point I wanted to ditch Oscar with the cashier and get on them myself. It looked brilliant.

Outside Oscar was in his element, his eyes lit up when he saw the sand pit and the huge wooden fort, it was pretty spectacular for such a little boy and to have it all to himself was a bonus. I did mention it was a cold January morning and yet again it seemed we were the only ones mental enough to be out.We don’t let the cold stop us, in fact, armed in our best winter gear we ended up spending the next 4 hours exploring Bucklebury.

We headed on over to the animals next, passing the donkeys and making good mates with the peacock. The staff were really friendly and we got to say hello to the cutest rabbit in the pat-a-pet corner, Oscar was given the chance to hold a guinea pig but declined he was rather distracted by the chickens and the noises they were making. We met the goats who I have to admit always look like they are planning their next great escape, they certainly have the cheekiest looking goats I’ve ever seen. Oscar had no clue what the pigs were, they were not pink, they were not wearing clothes and they did not talk and roll around laughing, they were definitely not Peppa pig in his eyes, but they were however the biggest pigs id ever seen. Next up we met the lamas with their fluttering eye lashes that rival anything on the only way is Essex, we had brought some feed on the way in and Oscar really enjoyed watching me feed these gentle guys. We walked up the path to meet some more mischievous goats and for me the best bit – The Shetland Ponies. Of course they lived up to the Shetlands cheeky reputation, head rubs and feed were essential for these two.

The cafe was extremely inviting with a real fire and comfy chairs, they served a breakfast and lunch menu they also had a very tasty selection of cakes. We shared a Ham sandwich and some chips, both were delicious. The toilet inside had a baby changing area, it was clean and spacious enough for me to get the buggy in. After lunch Oscar had a nap, I took this chance to photograph some of the other activities on offer.

Bucklebury is a must if you live in Berkshire, we were lucky enough to experience it when it was quiet but I will be returning in the holidays with Will. It really has something for all ages. Check out Bucklebury’s Website for further information here.


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  1. How fun, i love the farm! I would really love to go to a place like this, there aren’t so many places like this around us! #AnythingGoes


  2. It looks so lovely, I’ve never been but I live in the North-East of England but I would certainly check it out if we were ever in the area.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to #AnythingGoes



  3. Awww gorgeous photos, I love the little donkey. You are right as well smelly, muddy and full of animals is just what kids love to see 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up to #HMCapturingMoments x

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