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Festival Magic 

As summer is approaching, all the festivals are starting to announce their headliners and lines ups, even the words ‘festival announcement’ make my tummy fizz. Now, one thing you must know about me is that I’m at my most happiest knee-deep (and I have literally been) in mud, with a cider in my hand and the rain/wind blowing through my unwashed hair. It’s where I belong. In a field with the music and the people.

I first discovered festivals while working for Vodafone back in 2010 and since that point it got me and it got me bad. I can’t even begin to think of a summer without one, I’ve actually lost count how many I’ve done in 7 years, I know it’s over 30 and this will be my 8th year. Some People think I’m crazy wanting to pitch up a tent in the good old British weather and join thousands of others in the mud but there’s something about those thousands of people coming together, my hairs stand on end, the wave of emotions, the feeling of freedom, that you can be who you want to be for 4 days without any judgement and set up a canvas home under the stars.

If someone was to ask me if my house was burning down and I had to retrieve one thing that’s wasn’t the kids, the dog or Sam (in that order) it would be my festival box. The memories that one box holds is indescribable, there’s a wrist band for them all, when I met Sam, when I saw Swedish house mafia at T in the Park, when I “found myself” in the pouring  rain, when we got engaged at Glastonbury, our first family festival, and not to mention the amount of friendships old and new I will treasure forever. It’s all there in that one box.


I’m also not going to lie and tell you my camping equipment isnt one of my most treasured possessions because it is. However sad that makes me, I don’t care … My pots and pans, my lights, mirrors, chairs and my camping cooker. Nothing like sitting outside the tent in the morning, my big hoody, glitter splattered across my face from the night before, having a good old chin wag to next door with a fresh cup of tea with long life milk. Even thinking about it makes my happy bucket full. I will let you into all my festival secrets at one point as ive learned quite a few – the hard way.

Let’s face it I could go on and on about festivals but you have to do it yourself to find the real magic, that’s why I’ve listed my top picks for this summer below. Get yourself out, enjoy the music and feel the love. If you have any festival favourites then let me know, always on the look out for some more.


Best for the Kids –

Best for the Ravers –

Best for the More Mature –

Best to celebrate the exam results – (don’t forget to pop in and say Hi- we live down the road)


  1. How can you miss the Just So festival, best family festival ever. Entirely geared up for kids of all sizes, amazing, magical activities and acts, all in a stunning location. It’s my favourite one by far!

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