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How An Earth did I End Up With A Baby Model  ? 



As we are now into spring/summer 16, the fresh new clothing lines are pretty exciting especially in our house, not because I’m some fashionista who loves the lastest fashions but because our little Oscars face is about to be spread across the country.

Back in September I joined Oscar to an agency, it was one of Sam’s bosses wife’s agency so I though ahhhh why not, not thinking much would come of it. A couple of weeks later, I had a phone call asking if I could take him along to a casting in London for M&S, I was well up for an adventure so off we went not really knowing what to expect.

I walked into the studio and immediately Oscar was beaming, I passed him over to a lovely lady who sat with him and played with him while the photographer snapped away. It was so nice to see him so happy and having so much fun. I left feeling proud and of the attitude that, well if nothing came of it we would do it again as Oscar throughly enjoyed himself.

A couple of days later the phone rang and much to my amazement he was asked out of the blue to model for Jools Olivers Little Bird range, I was like ermmmm yes, no casting just straight away we want him. I was a little shocked to say the least. So off  we went again, it was probably one of the proudest days I’ve ever had, he was the most well behaved baby, I dressed him, I undressed him probably about 10 times, did he care ? No way !! He was revelling in the attention, honestly I’ve seen nothing like it from a 5 month old baby in my life. Once it had all finished I popped him on a blanket on the floor while I got my bits together, I turned round and he was fast asleep… Hilarious !!

Next up was the Boots casting, we arrived pretty late on and was number 82, but once again he got infront of the photographer and turned into some baby modelling genius. It was again such a lovely day.

It was awhile before I heard back from his agency, so I assumed he didn’t get the jobs but within days of each other I got the phone calls telling me he had been cast for both Boots and M&S.

Both shoots were so much fun, Oscar loved every minute we were looked after from start to finish and met some other mums and their babies. I guess I thought the phrase “he’s a natural” was a bit of a cop out but after watching him at all 3 shoots its like he’s done it all before, he knows exactly what the big black camera is for – annoying really as he wont do it for me and my not so impressive iphone!!!

So I’ve been introduced to the world of baby modelling or kind of thrown into it and so far it’s been amazing, but I am very fortunate that Oscar is an exceptionally well behaved baby, I would never even of dreamt about doing this with Hollie, I think it takes a certain type of child and maybe Oscar will change and at that point we will stop.

We had a casting for Next but we didn’t go, his teeth were playing up and it wouldn’t of been fair on anyone. I’ve learnt the hard way when it comes to pushy mums( see my dance mum blog post). It also helps we live so close to London and I’m now a pro on the tube on my own with a buggy.

Of course even I haven’t seen some of the pictures yet, so I am so super excited to see his little face, I apologise now for the proud mum spam and if you spot him let me know ..

* edit* – the link to when Oscar was in British vogue, unfortunately Oscar now he’s a toddler finds it really hard to stay still so we’ve bashed the modelling on the head until he can take a bit more direction and enjoy it.

G x


  1. Hi
    I have just discovered your blog and love it.
    Would you mind me asking the name of the modelling agency you have signed Oscar up for? I have a 7 month old girl and I’m forever being told she should be a baby model! I thought it may be worth a go.


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