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Lets Go Outside…

When Sam brought me my National trust membership as wedding present, a rather accidental spontaneous wedding present I had all good intentions of using it. Well, that was in September and today I’ve finally put it to use. About 6 miles down the road is a lovely little place called Greys Court, filled with secret gardens and rolling green rather icy hills. My first stop was of course the coffee shop, I could smell it as soon as I got out the car my nose led me straight to it, that and a massive slice of victoria sponge cake. The day was off to a good start.


I also wanted to test out Oscars new Regatta all in one, I was constantly removing stains from his clothing as since he’s got into Peppa pig those muddy puddles are even more inviting. So I got onto Amazon had a little look and came across this little beauty see here. I’m not a huge fan of character clothing, I never have been with any of my children, even Hollie 14 years ago never wore any good old Winnie the Pooh, I just can’t do it. I can maybe stretch to a Mickey or Minnie print but on the whole I like bright block colours or what seems to be everyone’s favourite – monochrome. The best bit about this all in one is that its padded so great for layering without them getting to cold or to warm. Super easy to get on and off with the zip going all the way down the right leg and a bit of panda detail to the hood which adds to the cuteness.


We wandered around for a while exploring the secret gardens, it was so nice to be the only ones there. We needed the fresh air after the sofa day we had yesterday, it was a welcomed sigh of relief, feeling free and fresh. For me nothing beats that feeling of open green space and we are so luckily we have lots of it 1o minutes from our doorstep. Sometimes city living takes it toll on me especially in the winter months, I actually believe I suffer with SAD I crave daylight hours, literally counting down the days until british summer time officially begins.

Oscar loved the freedom that his all in one gave him and I was free to let him go mental without worrying about his Zara leggins getting splattered with mud because that also makes me sad. To top this glorious morning off I spotted some kind of big bird.. nope it wasn’t on the flight path to Heathrow, it was an actual real bird soaring in the sky. I got a bit emotional at that point and decided it was time to return home to the ghetto and get some lunch.

We shall most definitely be returning here, one more beautiful place to create more beautiful memories.




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