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Teenage living 

Hollies bedroom was by far the worst room in our house. It was drab, cold and it had lost its way. She had been banging on about a new room for months and it was something we were putting off in fear of loosing our life’s in there.

The problem with teenagers is that one minute their into One Direction the next minute they are wanting to live as a hippy,  you need a blank canvas so it’s possible to change when they’re  having an interior meltdown without being boring or having to spend their university savings on doing it up. It needs to be light for homework ( yeah right), it needs to be as spacious as possible for all those screaming headache inducing sleepovers and it needs to have their personality written all over it.

So we went into it knee deep in paint or rather Sam did and got off to a relatively positive start. My wonderful landlord put down a much needed neutral carpet with underlay which to be honest made most of the difference. We painted the walls with deluxe illuminating paint in summer breeze hoping it would help with the light, with it being a loft bedroom the velux Windows especially in the mornings kept it very dark.

After the carpet and the painting of the walls, it was time for me to start on Hollies brief, she wanted ” a hippy bedroom” of course with more space for sleepovers and a wall hanging – a wall hanging for gods sake !! They layout was all wrong before, her bed previously was in the middle of the room which wasn’t ideal and the bed had pretty much collapsed. So my first decision was to get a new bed so I could tuck it under the part of the room where the roof slants, freeing up the huge chunk of room, also the radiator is there so it would give her extra warmth. In the end we went for Askvoll bed from the holy grail that is IKEA see here. With doing this there’s now space for 2 double blow up beds and the sofa which means we can now fit in 7 girls including Hollie, yes we have tried it and my ears didn’t bleed- must of been the magic underlay !!

Luckily I managed to save her chest of draws, dressing table and some other furniture. I cleaned them up with some white spirit which basically removed all the makeup and foundation that gets splattered over them on a daily basis. What changed the room for me was shoe storage, no joke the shoes were just everywhere, they seemed to breed at the weekends, some of them weren’t even hers, so I ended that problem with a shoe cupboard – the small things hey !!!

The final touches were mainly soft furnishings, lamps and that personality I was talking about earlier. She had been asking for ages for a Polaroid picture wall,  so I let her loose with my bank card and she ordered some from Lalalab ( I have a code for you to get £5 off your order  PGJGZNFW). I had already used them for my wedding so I knew they were good quality for saying we pulled the pics off insta and FB. She was quite specific on the lamp, it was the bulb she wanted not the lamp and I managed to find it from clas Olsen for around £20 which I thought was a bargain as it such a feature in the room. Bedding we again got from IKEA with a throw, anyone who can go into IKEA and come out without a blanket or throw of some sort I salute you, they are so cheap it’s stupid. Pillows cases were from IKEA and the rose gold one again was £5 from primark- totally acceptable value for saying it will have foundation stains on it before you know it. I made her 2 blinds to cover the horrible metal blinds that really made the room look drab. They were super easy to make with some wonder web, basic material from IKEA and some net curtain wire, cut to the size of the inside of the window so she can still use it without moving them all the time. I ordered her a famous quote print by good old Dumbledore (wise man with wise words ) from Jessie M design she’s amazing and you can find her page on insta. A lovely little hanging plant pot holder from etsy because all hippy rooms have a bit of green in it.. The legal sort that is.

Overall we were so pleased with the result, she’s really proud of it and has kept it really organised and clean, I think the key to keeping a teens bedroom clean and tidy is for it to be free of clutter, if she hasn’t used it in 6 months it’s gone. She has a big chest she keeps her keep-sakes in which is perfect for the Disney princess dolls she can’t bare to look at or throw away, along with a range of weird and wonderful things she may want to look back on years down the line. Il probably have this chest until she’s at least 30, banging around in the spare room once she flown the nest.

So for now the moaning has stopped, there’s fairy lights, soft new quilts, bouncy carpets, clean walls, she’s happy, and she retires to her pent house apartment with pride and that is our mission complete. Apart from the wall hanging, she’s still giving me ear ache about one of those, I’m yet to find one that doesnt take all the light from the light room she first requested !! Teenagers !!!

Gem X

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