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I’m Back …

To be honest I was never here in the first place, but when I was it felt good and I enjoyed keeping a virtual diary. What put me off was the amount of bloggers, why would I be any different or rather how could I be different it was overwhelming to say the least. I’ve realised recently it wasn’t about trying to be different or fit in with the rest, its purely for me to be creative, to use what brain cells I have left and maybe inspire others to put words to post as it’s actually quite therapeutic.  So whats new since forever ? ….

Marriage the big M, I’m now a wife and  I don’t feel any different in myself im still Gemma, I didn’t change into an ironing goddess over night much to Sams disappointment. The whole concept of wedding planning daunted me but by the end of it I was loving it. It was such an amazing day filled with love, it was everything I wanted it to be and more.

The kids, well Oscar is now 18 months old and wow he’s a little handful, he’s a typical boy ive grown even more eyes in the back of my head and sleep is a thing I can only day-dream about. Hollie is 14, still over-confident, still making my ears hurt, still stealing my clothes but maybe a little more wary of crossing roads since she got hit by a car back in October (that’s a post for another time) but overall still being my best mate.

I’m really hoping that I can get into blogging, use it as I said before as my release, im a stay at home mum, I have time on my hands and I love to chat so it seems im missing out on a trick by not chatting away to you, myself or anyone who wants to read the wafflings of a SAHM. Although if your after a baking blog then click away now – thats never going to happen, still burning pizzas one crispy crust at a time !

Thanks for having a read,

Gem x

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Wife, Mama... Still pretending to be an adult

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