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Time to feel the burn…

Here I am 7 weeks till my wedding and where’s my motivation ? It disappeared somewhere inbetween lost village festival and having some bloody good nights out. You know the drill, drunk, hungover, carb overload, guilt….. REPEAT NEXT FRIDAY !

The thing is I don’t get much baby free time so when I do I tend to go all in, face down, got the flavour kind of drinking and the crappy food comes hand in hand. Except with only 7 weeks to the wedding, one trip to Italy and Bestival looming I have got myself in a bit of a panic. Not all hope is lost though in steps My Fit Zone, a friend of mines new company and I have to say they may just be my saviours.
It’s really personalised and I like it, meal plans a face to face chat about why I’m feeling the way I do, bags and bags of encouragement and motivation – ahhhh just what I needed. Guess what guys I got my mojo back, since Wednesday I’ve been eating healthy, smoothies, dinners loaded with veg and lunches I can do in 5 minutes !! Easy peasy!

The exercise side is tough, HIIT sessions that make me sweat,  but for the days I can’t get to the gym it’s perfect. Tonight I made Sam join in, in fact he’s been joining in all day, weirdly enough the universe has been testing us throwing complimentary carrot cake and prosecco our way and we resisted much to Sam’s life rules which are as follows,

Never turn down…

Free cake, free booze or free sex 😂

But we did, we said no to the food and drink and I made a healthy decision, a detox smoothie. This evening I made turkey mince with peppers, onions, mushroom and chilli with a little dash of the itsu teriyaki sauce, delicious !!

Nothing comes easy, you got to work for it!!

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