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Old habits die hard 

I can’t leave the house knowing there’s glasses and pots lying around, I can’t not make the beds and I feel positively disgusted with washing not in the washing basket.

It’s hard, I just have these habits and if they are not done I can’t settle, I will openly admit to being a tidy freak. Toys have places, everything has a box or gets put away and if it’s not I’m on edge.

This sometimes puts me under pressure, all from myself. I wish I could just leave it and walk out the house I’ve tried but I know it’s there, I know when I get back il still have to do it. I love it the most when everything is in order and my house is clean and tidy it gives me a sense of satisfaction and even when I worked full time in London I still had my little habits.

Sam and Hollie let me get on with it, we have often spoke about Hollie earning money for chores and it makes me shudder with fear. I’m basically ” one of those mums” who won’t let the other family members do anything in fear that it won’t be upto “my standards”.

Some mornings when we have to be up and ready I run around like an idiot so I know everything is in place before I lock the door and can enjoy my day out. I have to ask myself where did this behaviour come from ? Well I know where…my nan and my mum the finest of clean freaks the don’t you come in here with shoes on types, they will kill me for this but it’s true. Years of me doing horse riding my nan would make me strip off at the back door, it drove me crazy but now I’m the same, I tie Rudi upto the gate while I wipe him down so not to get dirt on my white walls.

I suppose it’s a good thing really after all they say a tidy house is a tidy mind don’t they hahaha, I’m thinking my mind is a finely organised place, with lots of storage and some dettol hanging around. One day maybe il get a cleaner but guess what I doubt she will ever be.. You guessed it ” good enough” .

Happy Wednesday


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  1. I am exactly the same! Somedays I wish I could just switch off to the mess and have a messy day, but I know I wouldn’t be able to relax properly. It’s also super hard to keep everything sparkly when you have a dog isn’t it? My puggle, Snoop, loves to walk all over the kitchen floor as soon as I’ve mopped!!!


    • Haha yep that sounds like rude, most days I have more than one dog with having peppers pets there’s always a friend for Rudi popping by. I feel like the dettol is always out. But I wouldn’t have it any other way I love my dogs and I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful business that means I can be at home with Oscar .. Xxx


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