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Welcome to our Wedding….. 

Everybody loves a wedding right ? Wrong !!!! I’m one of those people who never dreamt of being a bride, I just thought it was a waste of time, just a bit of paper that means your tied tighter forever !!! Bloody scary thought… Until I met Sam.
I just knew, which became a little saying between us “you know”. I knew from the actual minute I met him that he was something special of course I didn’t know he was going to be the person that changed my life forever but I did know he was a significant part of my life to come.
So here we are 3 years on, one Tiffany engagement ring and a baby later. Yes a beautiful shiny Tiffany ring every girls dream – I told him off when I saw where it was from ( he hid the box). He knew I didn’t want fancy …at the time I was working at the vets and we had hypothetical talks about stuff like that, I had my hands in poo and sick regularly and I would of been scared to death of loosing it. That didn’t stop him did it .. Nope there he was with the most beautiful ring ever.

Sam likes to do things well, he’s a thinker he like to get things right. I don’t know why I didn’t guess he would be down on one knee in my favourite most special place ever…..Glastonbury. It was the most perfect moment, Hollie fell over in shock and I just cried and when I think about it now I still get all emotional.
We left a bit of time between that moment and now. We knew it was going to be September 2016, but we are laid back people probably a bit to laid back. I can’t see myself turning into bridezilla I’m hoping Sam will do it all … 😂. We had a big decision on where we were going to get married because our families are in different places, in the end we decided on East Sussex which is more towards Sams home but he has elderly family members that we both wanted to be there for as much of the day as possible. We found and booked the most perfect venue, Sam has designed the Invites, I have made all the arrangements for our notice of marriage and booked the registrar … That’s about it really, we have 11 months left to plan. Surely it can’t be that hard. 😳
I’m going to really try and enjoy every minute of the planning and organising. I’m hopefully having two hen parties on abroad one at home. I know what shoes I want even though they cost as much as the registar ( hey I’m allowed its the only day I won’t be in my dubarrys). As for a dress well I’m sure il find one I love.. I have more baby weight to loose before I start thinking about a dress though !! The venue is a little different so I’m not stressing about decoration too much, I have ideas for my flowers and the lovely Jodie at FlowerJam is doing those. I have 3 beautiful older bridesmaids who I’m sure will help me pick their dresses. I know what cake I want nothing fancy just beautiful and yummy.
Although Sam and I are the first to admit we do sometimes have expensive taste, we don’t really do fussy and over the top. It will be a day we have created, our own tastes and ideas, we are not traditional people ok there will be elements of tradition but i don’t want the princess wedding I am not a princess haha.. I am me and I want it to reflect mine and Sams personalities and love for each other, after all he is the only man in the world who made me realise what marriage is really about.. I realise now it’s about trust, loyalty, friendship and fun. I’m very lucky to say we have that and more. So until next wedding related blog post I’m leaving you as a non stressed excited bride to be … ( wonder how long that will last )
G x

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