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So not a ” Dance Mum”

So for many years Hollie has Danced.. Festivals, Pantos, night after night of classes.  As a mum you go with it, I think it’s important for children to have a hobbie. Hollie showed an interest from young age and clearly lived and breathed it for many years.

Until one day I had had enough. The constant pressure of being somewhere ontime and basically being told when we could have holidays. My bank account was being drained, I had holes in my leggings but I still somehow found dancing fees.

The dance mums… People who live their dreams through their children. Pushy parents as they are called, not all of them are really that bad they just want their children to achieve goals and do their best …. But at what cost ?

I started to question when was the last time Hollie rode a bike ? When did she last go to a friends party on a Saturday ? Why are we not going for a mini break this weekend? It’s then I realised Dancing was taking hold of our life’s and fast !

When we moved to Reading of course I still wanted Hollie to Dance it’s in her but I didn’t want the pressure or the pressure for Hollie. I wanted her to carry on with her exams and just have a good time. I soon realised there wasn’t much around Reading that was going to suit what we both wanted. So I looked at Italia Conti at the Barbican, they did RAD and ISTD and the biggest thing for me … NO FESTIVALS which meant all the children were on the same level. No heirachery of who did what, no being made to feel inadequate because we didn’t want to do festivals.

She’s been there 2 years in March and I have to say it’s been fun, it’s laid back she’s made some wonderful friends and for me She is carrying on with her passion without the side effects of all the pressure.

Hollie’s dance teacher at school asked me if I wanted Hollie to Persue a career in Dance, the honest answer to that is a big massive No. Maybe its because I worked in promo for many years and saw many dancers and actors living on the bread line tying to catch that big break, maybe it’s because I want her to be more financially secure in her adult life. Maybe it’s because I want her to see where life takes her, to feel free and to see what comes her way. Of course I want her to go to uni and to try her best, but come on for all of those that know Hollie know, she’s one ambitious driven young lady. I have no doubt that she will make a success of her life whatever path she takes.

This might all sound really negative about the Dance world but it’s not it’s just my opinion of how things were getting in my life. The postives out way the negatives by far. I mentioned Hollie is ambitious and driven, well that all comes from self belief, confidence and that has come through dance. Those attributes dance gives a child is priceless, the friendships and bonds , respect for their teachers and the understanding of reaching for goals are all things they need as an adult to create a happy well balanced life.

Personally the most important thing is if they are having fun, children are children they need to be just that. As long as you are finding a happy medium dancing is a fantastic hobbie and in later years if they choose a career worth the hard work and dedication.

G x x

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