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A little more time

So my weekly blogging went out the window 4 weeks in.. Time is my arch enemy.. Where the hell does it go ???

Once I discovered I was pregnant I gave up my job at the vets as it was getting increasingly difficult to move about and my back was saying “no more please”, so I left my little job which I loved and decided to take it easy.. Yeah right !!!

I’m not a sitter, I can’t just sit there, I’ve tried it doesn’t help my mental well being. So once I discovered I can’t take it easy and I was missing my furry friends I decided to open my own pet services company ” Peppers pets”.

It involves home from home boarding, visits, walks and anything really that helps people with their pets. Well I never in a million years expected it to take off like it did. Once I had Oscar I had a couple of weeks off and carried straight on . Yep sometimes with a baby and running around with dogs it can be hard but I love it. I love my wonderful peppers pets and their owners. I’ve been super lucky and have regular clients and I love their dogs like my own.

I’d like to say all the dogs love me as much as I love them but when I see them reunited with their owners I know I’m just the crazy lady who takes them to dog shows and the beach. It’s such a wonderful  feeling reading my reviews on my Facebook page, it honestly moves me when people say they trust me with their babies, because I know it would take a very special person to look after Rudi and how much I’d worry at leaving him.

So I might not have much time, but I can say my time is filled with what I love and that’s my doggies and my family…. What more can I ask for. Xxxx

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