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Spending time with the ones you love… 

Over the last few days I have spent some well deserved time with my nearest and dearest individually and as a family and it’s been just the break we needed. Sam’s family live in Hastings so we decided to spend the last few days of the holidays down there. But being the super sneak that I am I decided to add in a little surprise for Sam. He works so hard, working in London coming home helping with Oscar, Hollie and all the doggies I decided to book a night in a potential wedding venue we were booked into look at on the Tuesday morning it all fitted so well. Sam had no idea, I managed to even get him in the building check in and he still didn’t guess we were staying the night till I lead him up the stairs !!! Our first night child and dog free since goodness knows when. It was blissful, prosecco brought up to the room, bath for two, a beautiful meal and asleep for 10:30 😂. I woke up in the morning feeling a different person, we had breakfast which was amazing and had our wedding show around. We were impressed, it was stunning I fell in love with the themed quirky rooms and the staff were great……. Booked and the planning commences, I’m sure there will be lots of wedding related blog posts to follow.


I spent Wednesday in Brighton with Hollie – mother daughter time !!! Over the last 6 weeks she has been my runner, assistant, Oscars nanny and generally the most amazing teenager I could wish for, of course she had the odd wobble but my I’m going to miss her tomorrow.

Brighton was less busy than when we previously went, we managed to get in every shop in the lanes and have a good look, we had Sam and Oscar before and some of those shops are not buggy friendly especially not with my driving !!! We got all her back to school essentials an eastpak back pack, stationary – you get the idea. We also had lunch and some afternoon tea at catwalk cakes it was great to spend time just me and her in our element of the unusual shops.

After having Oscar (even though he’s the dream baby ) it’s important you don’t lose your connections with the other members of your family, Hollie and Sam need me as much as Oscar just in different ways. A chat, reassurance, alone time. I need them too…. I need them to know I’m still interested in work and school even when I’ve got washing coming out my ears and baby sick in my hair and I seem like I’m not listening .. I am. But you can’t beat alone time every now and then, one on one attention just to fill the happy bucket right back up.😄

Gemma x

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