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Reading Festival with a Teenager…..

So anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with festivals. If I don’t go to at least one a year I may be found rocking in a corner somewhere. It’s my buzz, my thing I feel free and In this day and age with the stresses of real life everyone needs to let go and this is my let go.

So off we go to our first festival of the year, we have normally been to Glastonbury by this point but because of having Oscar we missed it this year. Now Hollies been spoiled when it comes to festivals as her first one was Glastonbury and that is a magical place that I will write about at another stage. But Reading is on our doorstep quite literally down the road, so we decided to just do the Friday day.

Getting ready for a day in the fields is always a full on process of curly hair, face paint, feathers and anything sparkly I can stick to me – I love it !!! Hollie has inherited my love for this and together we are terrible. Outfits are strategically planned, the looks we went for this time were day into night as we were there for just the day.

I decided I wanted to be a little less sparkly and a little more indie for this one, so I went for my green Parker (ASOS) with an oversized white shirt ( Miss Selfidges) and black leggins as my legs arnt really ready for shorts after putting on some pounds with Oscar 😂. I added a chunky chain (M&S), Daniel Wellington watch and a thick silver braclet I’ve had forever. Shoes were a problem since having Oscar my beloved Dubarrys didn’t fit so I was going to wear some white doc martins that Hollie had grown out of ( I have smaller feet than her) but I thought after loosing a few pounds I’d try on my dubarrys and guess what they fit….. I knew it was going to be a good day at that point. 😊. I went for messy hair with a Lacey bandana I made myself from hobby craft and I borrowed Hollies orange bag to add some colour ( Zara). Hollie decided she was going to wear her distressed shorts ( River Island ), a grey crop top (Topshop) and a jacket she found from a great stall at a previous festival. She teamed that up with a matching eye shadow and of course face glitter, She wore her festival converse and her hair was curly with a silver sparky headband I picked up at Lattitude one year. Hollies outfit changed slightly when we got there and found a stall that on the outside looked awful but on the inside we found a couple of amazing pieces – an oversized Levi’s denim jacket and a great navy jumper – 2 for £20 what a steal !!!!

I’ve been to Reading and Leeds for the last 5 years and it’s quite a young crowd with it being after exam results but I’ve always enjoyed the line ups and the way everyone gets stuck in. It’s Hollies second year going to Reading and at first I was a little dubious about her going as I said it’s full of young drunk first time festival goers and at times it can get rowdy but I kept her by my side and she of course loved it. The thing is with Hollie she looks a lot older than her age which is a good and bad thing, but she has a head on her shoulders and is extremely sensible so this year I let her have a little freedom as some of her friends were there. We arranged meeting points and made sure she had phone battery, Hollie likes to be prepared so she has her own bum bag with her phone, hand sanitiser, bobbles essential neon face paint and money ( I’ve taught her well ). So off she went all by herself without us, Sam was petrified he’s a worrier but I was more relaxed, Hollie knows the dangers and we have spoken in depth about what to do if someone offered her drugs/ alcohol or she felt unsafe. I knew she would be fine and she was, we met back up later on when I felt it was a little more sensible to have her with us and we all went off to catch Wilkinson and have one last rave. 😂

I think the main thing about festivals and teenagers is to be as honest as possible, they want the freedom and didn’t we all at that age !!!  I’m fine with letting Hollie have it but we have to have that trust and she has to have the knowledge that only I can give her . At some point In the future she’s going to be doing this on her own and I don’t want to be collecting her from a hospital bed, I want her to have a good time and know her limits and that starts now. How to handle herself In situations, how to deal with a crowd, how to navigate yourself around a site without it taking forever and how to have an amazing time seeing live music.

So how do I feel it went taking a teenager to Reading ? I think it went amazingly well… There’s great toilets better than Porta loos, enough stewards and security,  ask under 21 on all the bars and a fantastic line up that all teens will love. All in all a great day out for all of us, even though Hollie went off with her Friends we still had an amazing time as a family dancing so hard to some amazing acts !!!

Thank you Reading … !!!

( Bestival In 2 weeks) 😄.

Gemma x

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