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Living with Rudi 


” we can’t have a dog… ”



Those were the words that I heard one morning as Sam left for work, little did he know nothing was stopping me from just having a look at these puggle puppies 70 miles away 😂. As a child I had always grown up with dogs and ridden horses most of my life so living without not only my family in Reading I was living without a four legged friend too.. Not for long…..
Off I went to Kent to ” just look ” at the last 2 puppies left. I remember walking in and seeing these two tiny pups one came bounding over the chubby one licking me and jumping all over me, I made such a fuss of him. Then there was the skinny one who held back, that I had to ask to come and have a fuss. I picked him up and well that was it he was in my car and I was £500 lighter !

 I sat and looked at him, skinny with big floppy ears and big heart melting eyes he had me, he literally made me melt. Pretty much like giving birth and feeling the overwhelming sense of love except he had fur and didn’t actually come out of me.

I had a few names in my head, Bertie and Rudi after Rudimental well he was definitely a Rudi and he definitely had a bad case of poos all over my car on the way home. Now came the worrying bit – the phone call to Sam to explain we had a new member of the crew.

Of course in true Sam style he didn’t mind, he knew I was lonely and missing my animals he just made me promise he would be well trained… Haha. And so he is…. Kind of!!!!!! He’s a quick leaner is Rudi, quick to steal that Dinner off the table, quick to realise Hollies room is a place full of joys, quick up the stairs and under he bed but most of all quick to have you right under that paw of his.

We do agility and boy he loves it, well more like he loves the hotdog sausage he gets when he’s done it!!! The bond I share with this dog is nothing like I’ve experienced before he is my everything, my once in a lifetime dog who I will love until the end of time. He is beautiful In everyway and the love we share for him as a family is priceless. He makes our home the best place to be and we all love him in our own different ways ( even Hollie after he’s ate her best rubber ). But for me he is my best friend who without even knowing it makes me happy everyday.

Gemma x

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